Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Baskin' in the Sun with the Robins!

You know what I'm talking about don't you? It's finally the long awaited moment... time to indulge in some nice ice-cream mmm. Okay perhaps it's not the best thing since wheels or sliced bread but you can't say no to an ice-cream every now and then. Baskin Robbins. Not my favourite ice-cream brand, but it's actually quite decent. And yeah it would be more decent if they actually have all 31 flavours for you to choose from at all times. But whatever. Ice-cream is ice-cream. It's pricey though. I try to justify my crazy spending habits by saying I do this particular one thing once in a blue moon, but then I'm only trying to comfort myself, since I spend on others. But food especially. I spend way way too much on food and for what? I'm not 1 pound heavier than when I first came here. In fact, I may have lost some. I do envy people who can gain weight more easily, it's awful being scrawny and thin.

I tried the new tomyam yee mee today in the cafeteria. Although it's not as good as I would expect it to be (I like my tomyam to be more watery and sour), it's actually quite decent. But due to the burning hot soup, my tongue is slightly burnt now, and I was 'not early' for Mr David Chong's lecture. Plus he said "No lateness folks!". Geez was I embarrassed. I'll live though. He mostly said things which weren't too interesting... something about professionalism and the duties of a pharmacist and yadda yadda.

Came back after lecture to sleep, but here I am typing. Gosh, I really should get the intimate sessions with my bed starting soon. My eyelids are heavy...

Update: The flavours I chose were Jamoca and Olympecan. Sweet, yummy and loads of nuts... just the way I like it. I bought a quart for good measure, though it costs like RM 32 or something.

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