Thursday, July 24, 2008

Freshie Party!

Today was a bit hectic since there was going to be the freshie party we're setting up for the new batch people. Basically it was some sort of potluck so I decided to do salad (can't go wrong with salad) and did shopping for 2 days to get the ingredients. Apart from all the crazy panicking around Zh Xing's kitchen at 6.30 pm (people coming at approximately 7 pm) I rushed out with Kah Yee to get some ice for the drinks from the nearby 7-11. Insane stuff really, I was horribly stressed out and everything, perhaps I should have chilled... Anywho, it ended up really well actually. We didn't really expect SOOO many people to turn up... the house turned a bit small and stuffy but there was enough food to go round ^^ so it was all good. I like the mutton "fried" rice, yummy! Oh and naturally my salad was good, since it was made by ME. But I think I made a tad too much, there were leftovers. Good cause, though.

Oh before all that. I volunteered to be part of the group of MQ students to have lunch and be interviewed by a panel of people from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. Basically our BOSS. They just wanted to know how we were coping with the course and everything else related with it. It was quite intimidating, but wasn't too bad afterwards, after a few questions that is. I didn't feel too bad, except as usual I stammered a bit when I talked, but talk I did hehe.

After that long day, it was the usual mamak in Sri Petaling with Choon Wee, Wai Hou, JS, Eugene and Kelvin. And a good bath... mmm I like a nice warm shower. And bed of course. Screw stats CAL. That can wait.

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