Sunday, July 6, 2008

Food Galore!

Today it's food day. Oddly enough I only had instant noodles for dinner last night. It was a complete disaster preparing it. I have since learnt my lesson of not putting eggs in a microwave. Here's a breakdown of ZE BIG MISTAKES:

Mistake 1: Putting a pyrex bowl in a microwave with water, noodle cake and a cracked egg.

Mistake 2: Transferring everything after the "wonderful" event to a stove and refilling water level only to fill it a mite full.

Basically what happened was that while waiting I heard a huge BANG! Ran to the microwave half expecting that it blew up. Well I wasn't completely wrong though. The bowl was overturned, noodles were everywhere and lots of water of course.

Must salvage the situation right? And that's what I did, or rather what I thought I was doing. Only it went horribly wrong. I transferred what I could gather to the stove and refilled the water. Only problem was that I filled it quite full and forgot about the egg still in the bowl. Note: If there's egg, DO NOT put too much water when boiling. Mini natural disaster and the stove went out. But the noodles WERE DONE! Worst effort put in a noodle cooking session ever.

Oops, I forgot to explain why it's food day today! Well, I went out with Wai Hou, Choon Wee and Kelvin for lunch at OUG. It's Nando's, yum! I like Nando's, but pricing-wise well... let's just say I can't do this all the time. After that we looked around a bit in Parkson's. We ended up going to Sweet Bean's for MOAR food! I had noodles and some sort of mango ice kacang. Man, was I full!

That's not the end of it though! We're going for dinner-cum-supper later. Yay for mamak food!


p.s. Oh yeah, I'm also looking forward to this supper thing coz someone is going to "chia", yay!

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