Thursday, July 3, 2008

Non Non Non!

Technically my 2nd blog, the 1st one disappeared without me knowing, but that was my own fault I suppose for not accessing it for ages. There's no lecturer in IT class today, typical. I'm still trying to cope with my odd hairstyle. It's not everyday that I dye my hair and wax it, but then again I've never done anything quite so rash.

Got my Internet connection finally set up yesterday, and I must say that it's a far cry from the wonderful one I've envisioned. Oh well, sucky means sucky, and that means that my home connection is better (the horror! \o/). Worst part is it cost me more than 550 bucks. Nice. Real nice. Now I'm poorer than mice living in churches. Literally. Must... resist... temptation... to... go... out... this... Saturday!

We're going to meet Im Chim Lady later in the day. I wonder what new concerns she'll have for our project. It can't be good, anyhow. Still, brave it and do what she wants. Be a good student and... and... oh what the hell, screw it if you ask me.

Oh and IT'S THE WEEKENDS! Or rather, it's coming real soon. So it's time for um, salsa, going out and wild ****. Oh crap, I forgot I'm penniless. Oh well.

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