Thursday, July 17, 2008

The week of torment is finally over!

The has got to be the single worst week in this course so far. Not only are there loads of assignments to hand in (stats, english, lab reports), we somehow foolishly agreed to volunteer for the BPharm new batch's orientation. And that was a disappointment to say the least. If the majority of them showed even a smidgen of interest in the activities, then it's all fine and dandy and I might find it interesting to play with them. But the moment you complain and shy away from the 'rewards', cursing, swearing... then that's that.

But enough of that, boring batches do not an interesting post make. More importantly, it's the end of the week and that means going out! Finally! I'm going to go to Midvalley (again!) with Khong Hern and Chris afterwards :D Cross fingers for the resistance to temptation of buying stuff whenever I go out. But I do need a new pair of sneakers, a nice pair of pants, some body wash... GAH, got to stop! XD

I also had a very nice chat with David yesterday. Haven't spoken to him in absolutely ages. Missed him terribly to be honest. All those Subway's and tea sessions while doing the hospital rotations, I'll never forget those. Yum, Italian BMT is the best, of course you need loads of BBQ sauce and everything fresh on top! Anywho, he's doing his final week of his electives in Hong Kong. They let him dissect stuff in HK, that's much better than Liverpool... all we get to do is pick parts of the body which were preserved and have a look, no dissection. How do they expect for us to learn without dissecting? Heck, even my brother has dissected. Yeah, he finally tasted proper Laksa in a restaurant in HK, not those Laksa sauce which comes from jars. He said it's not spicy enough though O.O Perhaps he didn't have it properly in Malaysia, considering how HK people generally don't like spicy food as much as sweet stuff. Well he said we can go to HK one day and he'll get me cheap accomodation, so I'm hoping to go there one day :D At least, I can dream right?

p.s. I got the pictures of the kitties, finally! Anyway, will upload them here.

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