Friday, July 11, 2008

New batch of people incoming!

That's right folks! Apparently there are new students coming in for July/August intake. It's not our Mpharm batch, but it's still fun in a way. JS and I went to bring a couple of students to their rooms in the hostels, and answered questions and everything. Meh, could have spent my time more productively, but it's an interesting way to learn how to be a tour guide of sorts hehe :P

I haven't updated the blog in a while, so I guess I should make a report about the more recent events apart from the new batch. It was Zh Xing's birthday yesterday :D Kah Yee bought her a VERY nice chocolate cake. Seriously, the cake was yummy, and take it from me, if I say something is yummy it means it's good, since I don't dole out praises easily. We also went to Chilli's for dinner after LG. It's kinda pricey tbqh, but it's good and the portions are quite large too. I had fish and chips and the tartar sauce was surprisingly good. I don't usually like tartar sauce because they have a funny smell of preserved stuff, like pickled vegetables and well... let's not talk more about the subject ^^. Oh yeah, Chilli's will give a free brownie if it's your birthday, and a few of their staff actually come out singing Happy Birthday at the top of their lungs haha. I like their brownie, it's piping hot, but the ice cream on top is cold, which makes it a nice combination.

Two days ago, my bro came back bringing two Persian kittens. They're really cute, and I'll update with their pics as soon as the lazy bum sends pics of them. But the trouble, time and money I had to go through to pass the kitty carrier to him drove me nuts. In the end, I was late and had to forgo the LRT for taxi since it was about 1 am when I reached Tasik Selatan station. Gah XD! They're really cute and I like cats so it's a win-win situation.

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