Monday, July 21, 2008

Rest day

Today is what I would officially call a rest day after a crazy fortnight. It's actually wonderful when you have nothing to do except stay in your room and maybe go online. It's not to say I'm not procrastinating, but ignorance truly is bliss sometimes. Screw foundation pharm, or english, or heck even tomorrow's lab. It's resting day and it's NOW.

Nothing out of the ordinary today, except that JC, Melissa, Syafiq and I went to Sri Petaling to find a couple of pharmacies to ask about the English assignment. The first pharmacy wasn't very accomodating but that's fine since he's not free or anything. On the other hand, the other pharmacy was really nice, they entertained all our stupid questions and were attentive and everything. That's how pharmacists should be like, really.

Alright, I said all those things about trying to rest and all right? Fact is, I have to do the outline tonight or I'm screwed so it's gonna be another sleepless vigil yay! Can't be that hard to do some one page thingie right? Just say a few random bits and pieces about peptic ulcer. Maybe something to do with PPIs and H2 receptor antagonists. Damn...

I still believe there'll be a silver lining somewhere eventually. Cross fingers and hope to die.

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