Monday, July 28, 2008

Elab 1, lab reports and the frustration over printers!

Last night, in order to complete the bioscience lab report I stayed up till 4 am. Mind you, it's not exactly routine, but I do occassionally do the night owl thing. It's nice to sit by yourself at night, with all the peace and quiet from the hectic sounds of the day and it's also cooler. In short, I much prefer the night over the day. I get more energetic when it's night time ^^. I suppose it didn't help that I procrastinated as usual, by going for supper instead of completing my lab report earlier. But still.

Today classes were rather laidback. Apart from one lecture from Tan Eng Lai about some genetic disorder and stuff which I wasn't really tuning in to (yes yes, I should be more attentive etc etc), there really wasn't anything else. But we're going to end really late tonight, around 6.15 pm due to Malay (this is what I think about Malay in general t(-_-t)). But there was a scare when I wanted to print the lab report today. The printers were all like... out or order! IMU, whose coffers are practically overflowing with huge chunks of greenbacks are actually too poor to fix the printers (or was it laziness?). In fact, one of the printers was out of order for some time. Typical Malaysian behaviour to be honest. Lots of paperwork for something so menial, and then it takes forever to get someone to get round to actually doing it. Oh well. I did finally get my lab report printed in the library. But someone has better do something about the printers in elab 1 or heads will roll. Literally.

31st is coming soon. I hope I get to go out for a rare Baskin Robbins treat hehe. But we'll have to see about the cash left. I'm not exactly loaded and I'm actually quite deep in debt.

And now for the weekly news in Bash WoW! with Gabe. Gabe?

Thanks Ecch, Mages seem to get the end of the shaft so far for Wotlk. Not only do they have a super lousy 51 pt fire talent called Living Bomb (yes, I know you'd expect something bombastic from this awesome name, but in fact it hits weaker than my 6 month old toddler tyring to punch a pillow), their 51 pt frost talent also Blows. Anchovies. Out of the drain the size of a pipe. 5 seconds stun might seem decent, but not when it requires the person to be frozen (defeats the purpose) and the AWESOME 1.5 seconds cast time. It doesn't help that Burnout is bad bad bad either (25% extra crit damage at the cost of 1% extra mana bar cost per crit? Hell, warlocks get a better skill at 100% crit damage with no penalties. Oh and it's 5/5 points versus 1/1. Sweet). Granted the arcane tree seems decent, and the gimmicky Frostfire bolt for the elementalist build seems fun in a way if you like spamming one bolt over and over, but at the cost of both the fire and frost tree I don't think it's worth it. At all.

And now for the priesty. Priests aren't too far behind in terms of uselessness in terms of healing. Holy is now practically pointless. Guardian spirit doesn't do justice at all, considering its cooldown. Penance is a JOKE (who in their right minds would want to channel a 5 second holy spell which everyone is going to CS/spell lock/shocked/kicked and make you unable to heal for that period of time?) Plus it's in the Discipline tree, which is supposedly the PvP tree. All the better. Dispersion seems okay-ish... until you get cycloned that is and don't get the full 36% health/mana back. Plus, being able to do nothing except run around like a headless chicken for 6 seconds isn't exactly helping either. In short, holy priests will still not be wanted in raids over say, shamans for raid healing, paladins for single target healing and druids for insane hots and the ability to ress during combat.

And don't get me started on druids. This is their moment. Not only do they have a new 1.5 second cast fast heal which heals MORE than the priest's (considering they're not supposed to be this flexible since they have awesome hots), it also costs LESS mana than the priest's Flash Heal. Oh and it gains MORE benefits from talents, whee! And they finally get an out of combat ress. They are also able to give mana back to the group, and a group heal not on a cooldown (albeit a hot, but an extremely potent one). Looks like I'm going to get a druid up and running for healing come Wotlk folks! And you should too, judging by the direction in which Blizzard is going with the druid class.

Oh look at the time! Back to you Ecch.

Thanks Gabe. Don't forget to tune in to the next episode in Bash WoW! where we are going to discuss the current OP class, the rogues as well as the warlock and the hunter. Until next time, cya folks!

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