Sunday, August 3, 2008

Passion Kuala Lumpur!

That's right folks! I can officially say with absolute certainty that I have went for the most awesome and happening event I have ever been to. And that is none other than the Passion World Tour. For those of you who don't really know what it's all about, it's actually a Christian event where you get to worship God and listening to a really prominent pastor, Louie Giglio. The best thing is because it's designed for those 18-25, it means that we can all connect to it. One way or the other.

In order to get the best seats, we have to go there early. And we did. Reached Sunway Pyramid at about 11-ish. Did a bit of shopping and went for Japanese food. It was actually rather good. I had Ebi Don Buri, it's basically shrimp tempura on rice. And I finally got to taste Gyoza. It's dumpling with chicken and some green vegetables as filling. Oh and I got myself a pair of shoes. It's not exactly for sports, but it's suitable when I want to go out (no more sandals!). Plus it's a steal at RM85 since there was a 50% discount and it's Puma. Oh and per a certain person's request to be named for her great contribution (choosing the actual shoes) I want to thank her. Here's to Zh Xing, without whom I will still be walking about with some sandals :P

Anyway. Back to the main event. We had to start lining up at 3-ish. They only allow us to go up to the convention centre at around 5 or so. So you can imagine the amount of time spent waiting. There were already LOADS of people :D When we did finally get through and go up the escalator, we had to queue up again in front of the hall doors. The waiting was tiring but spirits were high and everyone was excited. When they finally let us in, we all rushed like mad people for the best seats. I got seats somewhere in the middle, in the centre of the hall. So it's pretty good. Loads of photo taking prior to the event ^^ I'll include some pics later.

When it started, it was exhilarating to say the least. Loads of worshipping by singing at the start. I could feel my voice become hoarse almost instantly. But I enjoyed it greatly. Chris Tomlin and Charlie Hall sang and we basically just followed them. After that, Louie made an appearance and started intro and stuff. He also encouraged us to pray in groups of 3 for Jesus's presence in the Passion event. More singing soon followed XD After that we had Louie reappear for his short sermon. He talked about Grace, about how we are free from sin due to Jesus and that we gained His righteousness in God. He also said that we may sometimes be a little zany due to being awestruck by the Cross :D And that if we're not crazy sometimes we're not really experiencing the true experience... so a little craziness is good for each and every one of us sometimes, but obviously it's good to be sober most of the time hehe. He also shared a very touching story about Ashley, a wild party girl who was living with her atheistic father. She finally found salvation through Christ with the help and love of her housemate, Christa (I hope that's how it's spelled o.O) Although the story had a tragic ending when she died from a car accident 3 months after accepting Christ, what really mattered was that she was saved. So it goes to show that God still accepts and loves us for who we are, even if we deem ourselves falling too far from His grace to return. He will always be there, waiting for us to come back to Him. And it's actually a joyful moment when we do, no matter what we did in the past. We are reborn in His presence. So anyone can be saved. Anyone can still go back to Him. His love does not require us to do anything other than to accept Him as our personal saviour. God is great. He really is. And most importantly, HE IS REAL! He is the only one who rose from the dead, who conquered Death and lives an eternal life. Isn't that cause for CELEBRATION?!

We had more worshipping after that and as much as I didn't want this night to end, it did finally come to a conclusion. But that was the most memorable and touching event I have ever had. And should they come again next year I WILL definitely go again! Their next stop is Jakarta. Time to pray for them :)
Dear Father Lord in heaven,
Thank You for making Passion KL the most amazing event to hit us university Christian students. Thank You for allowing us to come to know You more, to let Your words be known to us through Louie, and for watching over us and making sure that the event went smoothly. Thank You for letting Your only Son die on the cross for us, so that we can be free from the chains of sin, so that we can be reborn in Your mighty presence, so that we can enter Your kingdom through Christ the saviour. Thank you for loving me, even in the midst of all my faults and screw ups, even as I am imperfect in every way compared to Your Grace.
Dear Lord, I would like to pray for Passion Jakarta. I pray that the event goes on without any hitch, that Your message will be delivered and heard by all of the university students, and that they will have their eyes and minds touched and opened by Your presence. I pray that hearts will be soften, barricades will be torn down. I pray that more people will be saved, that they will come to know You, that they will come to realise that You are our saviour, that there is none like You. And I pray that the Indonesians will have a blast just like we did here in KL! I pray that everyone will worship You with a clarity of mind, that they will be able to unburden. Even if it's for a while, it's the first step towards freedom from chains and bonds.
And Dear Father, I would also like to extend my prayer to the students who have yet to come to know You and who were there with us. I pray that you will open their hearts so that they will come to know You, and come to love You. I pray for their salvation, for them to accept Christ as their personal saviour.
Finally, I pray for us, Your sons and daughters, that we may be able to use this event as a stepping stone to further glorify Your name. I pray that we were able to be free from all the weights and burdens of the world. I pray that we will further exalt you Lord. I pray for those who have lost their way, so that they will be able to return to Your arms. I pray for us to have the courage to extend Your kingdom. Thank You for being our God. Thank you for caring for us. Thank you for being our saviour, our redeemer. Thank you Lord.
In the mighty name of Jesus Christ,
Isa 26:8 Yes, Lord. Walking in the way of Your truth, we wait eagerly for you. For Your name and Your renown are the desires of our souls


Jez said...

This is an answered prayer for the people of Manila! Glory to the King.

Lil` Xingy said...


Sing sing sing
and make music with the heavens

sing sing sing

Haha... like i told u, I cant sing. But worshipping is different, it comes from the heart. And you know, what you do, however froggish u sound like, God is your audience.

It was awesome. You did a great Job blogging bout it. But Heyyy, how come I'm not mentioned in picking up those sneakers for u. AND tribute to the blur man who thought there weren't sized for the colour you wanted.

Yea man, you're doing a great job writing it all down. I've been blank. But yeah, will write about Ashley Akinns and Christa (yeah it's spelled this way), Oh I found the original emails. And also, they're found in Jacob (ashley's step brother)'s myspace

That's right, it's about time you are given the shepherd's staff.