Monday, July 7, 2008


It's been a while since I've done an all-nighter. Wait, I haven't really done one. Hence the zombified expression I guess. The thing is, once you decide to do it, you have to go all the way or you'll feel dead during the day. Which is what I'm feeling right now. Never mind, it's all for a good cause. Mmm, trying to justify not sleeping by being online isn't exactly well... a justification now is it?

But I've seriously been a bit exhausted these days. I thought it's chronic fatigue syndrome but Pris thinks it's sleep apnoea. Who knows? Perhaps I'm just bushed coz I didn't get enough sleep at night. I can be a real night owl sometimes. But I like night time. It's when everything gets real quiet and nice and you get a relaxed atmosphere.

I'm gonna go buy a cage for the kitties later. So much money spent on those dumb cats. Plus it's not like I'm gonna be keeping them anyway. My short trip to KLIA will cost me dearly. It's for a good cause right? (I really have to snap out of it, I'm justifying myself for everything). But Chris will come along so it won't be that boring I guess =)

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