Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dazed and Angsty

Gosh, so many negative titles I've made in the course of this whole blog. Nevertheless, you can't run away from all these problems, they simply happen. And you have to face it headon sometimes. Even if it's a huge train with an enormous gaping maw about to swallow you up, you have to plant your two puny feet down on the gravelly tracks and brandish that small pocket knife out and have faith.

Last night I debated for the first time in my life. It was just a training of sorts, and the title was Allowing Gay Couples to Adopt Children. I so happen to be on the closing opposition side and I was entrusted with the task of being the whip. It all sounds fine and dandy, with one exception: I have NEVER debated before. So it simply doesn't help that I have no idea what to say, it also makes things worse when I stand in front of everyone and I get this stagefright thing (hence the train analogy earlier). But I did it. I talked for 7 minutes somehow, although I'm pretty sure I didn't understand what I was blabbing my mouth off about. And judging by the looks of the rest of the members, I didn't think they knew what I was talking about either. It's only natural for them to cheer newbies on though, so they said something along the lines of "It was good for a first try and all that" but anyone with half a brain knows that means "Gosh, that sucked. But since you're a n00b, you get to get away with it... for now". So yeah. Next time I'm pretty sure things won't be so pretty.

Oh and things got better and better. I developed this mother of a headache. Plus it didn't wear off the next morning so I couldn't get out of bed and go for English class. I didn't have much of a choice except to skip it I guess. Things did get slightly better with more rest, but there was still this slight dull throbbing pain, which made me slightly dizzy and I've practically been going around with a dazed look on my face. [Watch out, oops! Sorry, didn't mean to do that]

Also we're rushing with the Statistical CAL Assignment. Don't do things at the last minute people! It never pays off. We slaved away in the ELAB 1 for hours with blank faces, trying our best to squeeze any form of idea into our meagre heads. But honestly, how much can you squeeze out of a brain the size of a chickpea? So the next logical step is to put everything we've learnt into some form of coherent data, as long as there's loads of words and numbers it'll do. Relevance and practicality can fly out the window for all I care. In the end we did it though. I really couldn't care two pence what I got as long as I've submitted the idiotic thing.

Tomorrow we're going to be doing the Physio Experiment. I really do hope everything goes well or I'll go nuts. Peanuts shelled by fat monkeys. With chickpeas for brains. And featuring Barbara Streisand with leopardskin hotpants. I think I'd best stop writing for a while. Rambling off without any meaning means that I need rest. Badly.

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