Monday, August 11, 2008

Vigilance is key people!

You know, today's been rather... um, free. Apart from the Foundation Pharmacy thing in the morning there's nothing till later on. And yup you guessed it, it's the wonderful BM. The ATM wasn't working and I'm getting broke... great things come in twos and threes I suppose.

Still, nothing out of the ordinary. I had Starbucks last night. The usual Grande Chocolate Cream Chip Frap. I ended up spilling quite a lot of things about my family to Kah Yee. That wasn't very nice actually. Perhaps I should just keep quiet. Anyway. That's all in the past now.

I have to finish my Malay assignment now. Perhaps I'll write a longer thing later. Oh yes, and vigilance IS key. Sleepless vigils too.

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