Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sem 3! Are YOU ready?

Oh gosh, it's been an obscene long time since I last updated the blog wasn't it? Truth is, I really don't have the inclination to update blogs in Kuching for some reason. Probably something to do with the same routine I'm subjected to every day back there.

Surprise, surprise. There wasn't an emotional turmoil this time. Or rather there was the beginning of one, but I found out that just keeping one's mouth shut all the time helps. A lot. I just try not to reply my parents' retorts about my academic life and my uselessness and what have you. And they didn't pursue. That's how I'm probably going to handle it from now on I think.

Another pleasant surprise was finding out I passed Sem 2 after all. Was quite happy in fact. I really expected to resit the physio paper. Now we'll just have to see how bad Sem 3 is in comparison :P Oh and we're going to be seniors. Finally. I look forward to tormenting the juniors during Orientation hehe >:)

Not much update to be honest. The cats have become much larger now. And they're still filthy everytime we go visit them. Ugh!

Perhaps when the Sem starts I'll have more updates. But at the moment this is all I have to say. Pretty short for a month long hiatus huh? Oh well.

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