Thursday, March 26, 2009

Perhaps a whip is in order?

You know what? This isn't going to work if I don't update is it? I mean, it's ridiculous to start every new entry with the typical: "It's been ages since I last updated this blog." Perhaps I should stop being a total bum and start to haul my ass. But that's neither here nor there. Or is it the core issue? I wouldn't know, I'm not built with enough neurones to go about pondering life's mysteries and why I'm such a lazy ass when I should have been more spontaneous.

Ah, it's so blissful to be stupid sometimes. You can be an ignoramus and get away with it. People won't expect much of you, let alone put their hopes and dreams on you. And you're not responsible for all the shit that hit the fan. You can just go, "And YOU think I did this? Hello, what's my IQ again? You don't expect THIS from me do you?" And that'll probably make them think twice before putting the blame on you again. The smarter you are, the more people watch your every move, and the heavier your responsibilities. What was it they say? With great IQ comes great responsibilities? I'm pretty sure it was along that line anyway ;)

Yes yes, we all know it's been a long time and updates are WAY overdue. So I'm just going to put things into small nutshells and then we'll um... take it from there, if you get my drift. Where to start....

Ah yes, we'll start from Malaysian Studies project shall we? It's ironic, I said it was going to be a disaster with me at the helm and I was sincerely believing everything was crumbling apart around me, but then after one fateful day where I gave everyone a piece of my mind regarding their "enthusiasm" towards the project (actually someone said I almost cried \o/) and Mrs Phoong did her part in scolding the class did the whole class turned around and actually worked together! Ahhh, nothing like an old fashioned "high-pitched, tear-jerking" bitching to scorch Malaysian youths' asses into action. But all rants aside, it went quite well, considering some accidents. I can mostly relate stuff that's going on at the Sabah & Sarawak booth, coz that's where I was stationed. Strangely, loads of people like the kolo mee. In fact, so many people bought it the first day Crystal and Wei Nee kept cooking more. And just between you and me, it doesn't even taste like proper kolo mee. Then again, we didn't add pork oil and MSG, so that's only to be expected. A lot of people didn't like my mung bean sweetened soup. Meh, I liked it, so there! Second day was supposed to be a big day selling Sarawak laksa. But I suppose Lady Luck likes to butt in and add a little spice of her own when she feels particularly mischievous. The gravy that was supposed to go with the laksa was completely spilled, and there weren't much left. But I suppose accidents do happen and no one was to blame for that. It wouldn't be fair to him. All in all, everything went quite smoothly, we earned around 2000, which is quite nice. And most importantly everyone helped out. And the BEST thing out of this whole ordeal? I'm no longer the freaking president YAY! Let me just quietly fade to obscurity please.

Apart from the manic days of trying to finish assignments, which have been keeping me from updating the blog, apart from the "awesome" internet connection back in vista, the looming spectre ahead was dreaded by everyone . Yes, it's no other than the Sem 3 end-of-semester examinations. The difficulty has increased by several fold since Sem 2. I suppose it's only to be expected. After the first day where we had Physical Pharmacy (and apparently the easiest subject out of the four) I was traumatised. It wasn't as easy as I had hoped. And if that had already set the standard for the difficulty boy was I in for a treat! Second day was ironically better although it was supposed to be the hardest (Fundamentals of Pharmacology). Perhaps I've calmed down somewhat? Wishful thinking. It wasn't to last. The third day I died. Yep, I died. It was THAT bad. Biopharmacy was like a nightmare. And don't get me started on day 4. Microbio came and went and I was in a state of shock throughout the whole paper. I never imagined (nope, not even in my dreams, though those can be pretty bizarre sometimes) that those 3 questions would be asked in the essay section. So yeah, pretty much became bipolar. Manic laughter followed by bouts of depression. But we did celebrate, albeit in a strained mood (at least for me) by going out for dinner and later catching a late night show.

The next day was MUCH better. Maybe my mind was trying to shut off the part about Biopharmacy and Microbio that I just tend to deny they happened at all. And we went out :D Specifically with Khong Hern and Yun Peng. We went to Pyramid and I had the most expensive Japanese lunch ever! But the okonomiyaki was delish! Loads of walking about later, and ended up buying nothing. I suppose the one who got the most out of the shopping trip was Yun Peng. She bought quite a few pieces of clothing article. Apparently they're cheap. I wouldn't know. I'm not a girl. But it was a good way to relax and forget, which I did. At least till I reached back to vista. Then the depression set in again XD

Going home was an ordeal in and of itself. I was so unlucky to have to wait AGES for the LRT and the KTM. And to top it off, I reached the bus only to see it drive off and another one taking its place. More waiting. Finally for the creme de la creme, I missed my flight. Although there was another 20 minutes prior to departure. I left vista before 7 am. I missed my 9.45 am flight. What was the lesson? Don't freaking take AirAsia haha! I had to shell out 500 big ones for the MAS flight coz all AirAsia flights to Kuching was fully booked. Wonderful.

But here I am, wallowing in boredom in Kuching. Perhaps I shouldn't have come home? I don't know. It's certainly better than having to endure the atrocious internet connection in vista methinks.

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