Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Niu Year is here!

Hmm I haven't been updating for quite some time have I? I suppose it's my fault, but I've been quite busy with Sem 3. You see, the orientation for P109 came and went, and mind you it's been awfully busy, what with the Physical Pharmacy class test coming up and stuff. So, major update then!

Well I was in the first group (again!) as Orientation Officer. Originally the 11 juniors were rather quiet. Hardly talked, need loads of prompting etc... But as time passes by they became quite engaging, and came up with the name Super Sexy Stalkers. Long, but catchy. Oh and there's this really talkative girl called Chandni. Chatty girls are fun to talk to. You can gossip with them and bitch about and get away with it :P Thing is, our group (that is, Kelvin, JS, Naveenah and I as OOs) is rather independent. I remembered last year's orientation. Our OO would scold us non-stop coz we were really bad at doing things on time and without supervision. But this year's dress code was mostly completed by them without help from our side. That's good, at least for us. We can worry about our class tests and the Microbio prac exam without having to worry about our juniors. It was fun, but I must say the feel wasn't quite there. I mean, last year we were all enthusiastic and ready to face all sorts of humiliation and stuff and still laugh it off, being cheered by everyone and all. But this year very few people turned up for the dress code days and the lecture theater was practically empty. That was sad. Seriously. People need to re-evaluate their priorities I know, but you shouldn't just ditch the juniors. And what's worse? Juniors themselves finding excuses and not coming. Well whatever. If they regret later it's their problem, not mine. Also I'm not as enthusiastic about playing in the treasure hunt and detective games as I was last year. Perhaps I'm just getting too old. Who knows? We did get an award for being the most sporting group though, so it was all good :)

Secondly, Physical Pharmacy went quite well, if I may say so myself. I thought Microbio prac exam would be a nightmare but it's quite straightforward too. So that leaves us with Biopharm, Microbio report and Foundation Pharm presentation to settle after the CNY break. Great.

CNY was eh.... fun in a way. I didn't go house visiting this year to my relatives' house too. I seriously can't be arsed to have to explain my current predicament to everyone. And go through all that again. So I chose to stay at home. And sleep. And sleep. It's also raining constantly. In fact, it's raining even now as I write this. Someone ought to go and tell the rain clouds off for being a spoilsport. But I like this small break. It gives me a chance to just sit back, relax and steel myself for the upcoming HUGE storm after the hols. Sigh.

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